Healing in a cup


O U R   S T O R Y
Did you know that almost every herbal tea that is on the market today actually contains hybrid artificial herbs? These “herbs” can cause mineral deficiency in our bodies.
The “all-natural” that you see advertised isn’t truly natural and this is why we started.

Our main founder has been a health practitioner for over 10 years. During her time working in the medical field, she saw how many people were treated with medications that may carry unnecessary risks. In response to this need for a safer way to treat common conditions, she became an herbalist that studied both organic and inorganic herbs.

Every day, our body is exposed to harmful toxins, chemicals, metals, nanoparticle tech and foreign invaders of the body. Our goal was to create tea blends that repair the immune system, naturally detox the body and remove mucus from the body without putting harmful pathogens into the body.
This was IAMHEALEDTEA (IAHT) was formed.

What Makes Us Unique
We stand by our products and truly create all-natural tea blends with pure ingredients that are not potentially harmful to your body. Our herbs have Fair Trade Certification, which is the internationally recognized gold standard for social responsibility in farming herbs.

The process for an herb to be certified follows an audit system of farm-to-finished products and verifies industry compliance with Fair Trade USA criteria.

We promise to never give you genetically modified synthetic tea.
Our tea blends have over 139 medicinal properties to aid in repairing the body and detoxing the blood.
IAHT fulfills your bodily needs in one cup.


The Real Deal
This tea works right away, nasal congestion eased up after a few days of dringking it, after a week. I literally had no congestion. I'm usuallu congested during season changes, not anymore. It also helps curb your appetite. I noticed i'm getting full a lot sooner, A great detox that removes toxins, I'm sweating a bit extra during work, which goes hand in hand with working out and burning fat. Just get the tea. It will help you more ways than one!
Shirley, 31, Vlogger
Testimonials are short quotes from people who love your brand. It's a great way to convince customers to try your services.

Sandy, 35, Writer
Testimonials are short quotes from people who love your brand. It's a great way to convince customers to try your services.



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