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All-Natural Goddess Blend (Female) – Your body is unique and special. It deserves to be treated purely by fulfilling the needs enhance specific needs for women only. This all natural goddess women’s tea has been created to blend key ingredients that will your female body with needs that many of us struggle to address in our regular daily diet.


This tea contains ingredients that help a nursing mother produce more milk. It contains ingredients that are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and pain-relief for the everyday hardworking woman. It also helps with menstrual and menopausal symptoms. The oils that are mixed in not only help you feel good inside, but outside helping you to get that natural glowing skin that you have always wanted. IAMHEALED Goddess blend cares for the overall health of your body by containing ingredients that help your body where regular multi-vitamins won’t.

Unique Ingredients: Blessed Thistle, Blue Vervain, Calendula, Red Clover
How many servings are in each bag:
What does it taste like:
Is there caffeine:


1. Heat water to 195 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Place tea in cup and pour water over the leaves.

3. Steep for 2-3 minutes.

4. Enjoy!

For loose leaf iced teas, use 3 tsp per 8oz glass


Flavor:  The  definition  of  flavor  is  the  taste  of  something,  or  a
substance  added  to  give  taste.  An  example  of  a  flavor  is
pistachio in ice cream.

Aroma:  Lavender  has  long  been  a  popular  fragrance  in
perfumes, body care products and home fragrance products


Eighty percent of the herbs and roots used in every significant tea company are synthetic hybrid herbs artificially grown without a natural seed and harmful to the human vessel. Hybrid genetically modified herbal tea can cause disease from mineral deficiency. 

Many tea companies useartificial herbs such as Turmeric, Garlic, Echinacea, Aloe Vera, Beetroot, Foxgloves, Comfrey, Coffee, Goldenseal, Grapefruit, Jackfruit, Peppermint, Nutmeg, Moringa, St. Johns Wart, Rosehip, Spearmint, Sugarcane, and Licorice stick, to name a few.  

IAMHEALED TEA will be the only tea that your body will ever need based on its authentic organic medicinal properties. Our tea is the only tea on the market with authentic natural organic alkaline non-GMO conscious herbs.